Our Projects

Sweet ERP

January 14, 2020

About Client

Sweet Agrovet Limited is the largest organisation under the domain of Sweet Group. Having operated for more than a decade, they are now among the top 10 largest agro-chemical industries in the country. With around a 100 products and 300+ team members, Sweet Agrovet Limited has one of the largest operations team in their field.

Client Requirement

Due to lack of suitable and cost-efficient automation solutions, that can handle every aspect of operation as the work-force is used to, the Client initiated an R&D project, thereby creating a platform capable to handle their entire operations in the simplest way possible.

Our Approach

Our R&D team studied the operations flow of the Client for a year and summed up that the primary requirement is to monitor the sales and marketing force. Therefore, we designed a system that brought out the simplest HR management system, accommodated with a user-friendly mobile app and analytics-focused admin panel. The system was monitored for six more months to overcome all possible obstacles and the final version became on of a kind. Once the field-force was managed, we focused on automating the order management segment, and along with it, all relevant sales mechanims. Thus, the output brought up a remarkable Sales Module, assisted by KPI enlisting, employee stats, customer dynamics, demography analysis and so on. Our team is working to automate the purchase mechanism at the moment.